Shedding Some Trouble

I decided to go away for a few days and carefully worked out my plans for keeping my tomato seedlings happy. At the moment they are basking in a south-facing, bay window which does get a reasonable amount of daylight. I can’t say there is too much sun, as for the past few months, that’s been a bit of a rarity. With the exception of hard frost, I think my little tomatoes would be tough enough to cope with being in the greenhouse now.

It was my habit to put them there with some heat during the night and let them enjoy all the daylight they could get. Apparently the cooler temperatures sweeten the tomatoes so here in south-west Scotland, that’s not a problem, we can grow far better tasting tomatoes than is offered in the supermarketstomato seedlingsUnfortunately I’ve lost the electricity to the greenhouse and I cannot trace the fault, except that it could be in the shed. The electricity goes into the shed via a consumer unit from another consumer unit. Consumer unit number one is fine, all switches are where they should be but going into the next consumer unit in the shed, the switches on it have tripped and with nothing electrical plugged in, I have no idea where the fault is so I need an electrician to have a look at it. That doesn’t help the tomatoes when I want to leave them for a few days and no time to wait.

Their propagator in the greenhouse, was all prepared for them, a large gravel tray with a home-made cover and a heated mat underneath. I have plenty of seedlings so this might be a good time to test their resilience. If I put some of the strongest looking seedings in the greenhouse and leave the other half indoors, I will have an idea of what their tolerance level to cold is. I have seen cold sowing tomato seeds before but have never tried it for myself, that might be my next move for next year’s sowing plans.

Propagator 2


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4 thoughts on “Shedding Some Trouble

  1. I see you use plastic cups for your tomato seedlings. Do you need to piece a drainage hole in the bottom of these please? Why do you have so many, do you plan to share at Anna’s? I have a lot of cherry tomato seedlings, should I do the same, please Agnes?


  2. I use a hot skewer to Pierce a hole in the bottom. I like trying out different varieties and usually sow up to 8 seeds of each, then I can share the extras if there are any. I prefer to use Freecycle or Gumtree, then they can be collected from the greenhouse. The person who organised the plant share is no longer in the area so don’t know if Anna can continue with it.


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