Nurseries Or Home Care

I’ve started sowing seeds indoors and already the little shoots are popping through the compost. You spend time preparing for their arrival, nurture them and care for them through nursery stage to fully fledged tomato plants. There is a great deal of satisfaction in growing your own which can’t be compared to buying them.

I can never understand women who go out to work, happy that their children get farmed out for someone else to look after and influence, particularly if they don’t need to. You may wonder what that has to do with gardening but I prefer to grow my own tomatoes, I don’t really need to grow them, there is a very good tomato nursery five minutes from where I live. It’s easier and cheaper to buy from them and without the trouble of looking after them but each stage of the tomato’s development is a wonder of nature, I don’t want to miss it, so I don’t mind a bit more effort and the end result is rewarding.

Gadgets appear to be the downfall of society, if there is an easy way of doing something, a gadget will be invented. Housewives and homemakers are in short supply as a career takes over thanks to gadgets doing work for them. There is little time for anything but work, gardens have shrunk to hard landscaping for parked cars. So much is being lost to the modern world and the pressures and stresses it brings.

Last years’ seedlings in the greenhouse

Non-gardeners, I suspect will not know the relaxation, de-stressing and contentment you get from pottering in a garden. It doesn’t matter if it’s the size of a football pitch or a flower pot. It doesn’t need to be flower show standards but just the fact you have aided, in some way, to get something to grow. The plants don’t really need us, they are perfectly capable of living their lives, blossoming and setting seed for the future generations. How much nicer it is though, if you feel you have been part of that process.

2 thoughts on “Nurseries Or Home Care

  1. A lovely argument for plant parenting. I feel the same, although I do love my “adopted” plants just as much once I get them home from our garden club plant sale, or the local garden center. The nurturing part and the garden therapy are the key factors…all that beauty and bountiful food are just the bonus!


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