Small Things Matter

There is no excuse for anyone not to grow something green. No matter how small the space, either inside or outside, there will be something anyone can grow. Many of us would have experimented at school in growing cress on blotting paper, although fast-growing mustard and cress will last a bit longer if grown in some compost.Cress heads tOutdoors, if you can have a hanging basket, there is quite a choice. Herbs, strawberries, tomatoes etc. are all possible. A planter is all you need to grow peas and beans and it might be surprising how much you can grow in it. Window boxes can cope with small, round varieties of carrots, turnips, beetroot etc., even dwarf varieties of beans and peas. Mix in some edible flowers and it becomes attractive and serviceable. All it takes is for you to think ‘outside the box’, or in this case, ‘outside the allotment’.

Inside is fine if you have a windowsill and plenty of light, you can even grow tomatoes or other small vine plants indoors. With some space and no garden, I’ve grown sweetcorn in a growbag, and combining  the shorter Strawberry popping corn with Nasturtium and Chysanthemum coronarium to give an edible display.

However, what happens if there is little space and little light? You don’t need to worry cake tin air plant tthere either. Air plants don’t even need compost, just a spray of water now and again. They can be used as a picture on the wall so thinking of ways of displaying them is all part of the fun.

Another handy bit of greenery are the Marimo balls. Little balls of green algae commonly referred to as ‘moss balls’ but they are found in river beds and usually sold as an aquarium plant. These slow-growing little green balls can be used to create an underwater garden and all you need is a glass jar. 

Decorate the jar whatever way you want. I have used black and white aquarium stones in a kilner jar and also used a glass vase covered by an old CD meantime until I decide how I want them displayed. Keeping the Marimos in a sealed jar doesn’t need so much attention and can be left for some time before needing to change the water and clean the jar. The unsealed vase will probably need fresh water in about two weeks from adding them. More information on creating a water terrarium 

Terrariums are gardens in miniature, fitted with a lid, they can maintain their own self-supporting environment. Choose your plants according to their environment preferences. Succulents would prefer an open jar whereas more moisture-loving plants would prefer a jar which allows the air to circulate but still allows moisture to collect. 

With a busy lifestyle, either an aqua garden or terrariums provide greenery and interest. Creating your own landscape is gardening in miniature. If you need any ideas on How to Make Your Own Terrarium, clicking on the link is sure to fire your imagination.



2 thoughts on “Small Things Matter

  1. Thank you so much for the amazing idea of a water terrarium. It’s lovely. I probably will give it a try one day. Lovely!


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