Dark Nights

It’s sad to see the darker nights come back. I could quite happily cope with lower temperatures as long as there were lighter nights. There is something about darkness which makes you want to close the blinds and settle down to a sedentary evening in front of the TV. Not all dark is bad though, … More Dark Nights

Cool As A Cucumber

At long last I am getting a harvest of tasty fruits from the greenhouse. There have been a few disappointments of new plants but the season isn’t over yet, they may still give me an idea of what they are like. The cherry tomatoes were the first to ripen and are constantly getting nibbled. It … More Cool As A Cucumber

Healthy Options

Although still summer, and some time to go yet before winter sets in, I have been listening to friends talking of going to the gym, and wonder why they do have, what seems to me a fairly boring pastime. Modern homes are often without a garden which was sacrificed for hard landscaping, to allow cars … More Healthy Options

A Fly Named Delia

No matter what size of growing space you have, outdoors or indoors, it’s worth experimenting, even if it’s just for the fun of it. There are varieties of carrots, turnips and beetroot all suitable for growing in a window box. I have tried all three of them, and if that was all I was growing, … More A Fly Named Delia

Sing A Rainbow

When I see all the colours of the flowers in bloom it reminds me of the children’s song ‘I can sing a rainbow’. The first line, ‘red and yellow and pink and green’, is fairly easy to fill. Red and yellow are all in the Crocosmia (Lucifer), the little jester’s hat-like Spigelia marilandica, and the … More Sing A Rainbow

The Wild Child

I am not an intensive gardener, or scream at the sight of a weed, I tend to let things get on with their lives once sprouted, either in the ground or a pot. Only when I see the ‘gang aspect’ of weeds try to take over a patch, will I step in. I recycle much … More The Wild Child

Neighbours From Hell

One advantage of container gardening, is you can choose your neighbours. You would never think of plants being fussy about who their neighbours were, but it’s not just a case of making sure they are fed and watered, they may not always make good bedfellows. Although most of my plants have their own containers, there … More Neighbours From Hell