The Also-rans

If you know horse racing terms, you will recognise the term ‘the also-rans’. Those are the ones in the race, the stragglers that never quite made winning. Like some of my plants, I am always surprised at the ones which, throughout the summer had to be coaxed into making an effort to do anything, but … More The Also-rans

The Fading Harvest

We just could not muster up enough heat or sunshine to ripen the Kiwano but at least I got three more fruits than I did last year. They should ripen indoors eventually but I consider it an achievement to get this far. For such a large, heavy, fruit, it hangs on a surprisingly fine vine … More The Fading Harvest

Bijoux Gardens

I join gardening clubs, Facebook groups, gardening forums and follow gardening bloggers etc. and see all the gardens which their owners describe as ‘small’. I would like to have their version of a small garden. I could grow enough produce to keep our town supplied with fruit and vegetables for many months. However, I have … More Bijoux Gardens

In A Pickle

I do get a bit envious of gardeners with a sizeable vegetable plot. I never seem to have enough of a harvest of anything to think about preserving. Before the invention of refrigerators, people knew how to preserve produce and other foods. Seasonal meant just that, with much of the staple produce locally grown. Sweet … More In A Pickle

Racing Through Time

Although this years’ plants haven’t quite come to an end, it is still time to be looking and planning ahead. Gardening catalogues are dropping through the letter box, emails are filling up, with the seed and plant suppliers’ race to get the customers first. Sadly it may be my last year of growing tomatoes, I … More Racing Through Time

Wishful Thinking

Plants already in the greenhouse, which will hopefully produce fruit next year are the Pepino, Ivy Gourd and Cassabanana. They didn’t produce anything this year but it may have been my own fault. I didn’t know what to expect with them. Ivy Gourd and Cassabanana are vigorous climbers but I kept them in small pots … More Wishful Thinking