Watch Your Butt

I decided to do a little bit of reconstructing my planting zone, it just wasn’t working for me last year, as it did in previous years. There was a fairly good reason for it. Between personal problems and a cold, wet summer, which I believe may have been an overspill of the previous winter, there … More Watch Your Butt

Monsoon Season

When I first thought of having a tropical look to the garden, I thought more of stunning, flamboyant blooms and colourful, oversized leafy plants to brighten a dull corner, it never crossed my mind they would need to survive the monsoon season in near Arctic conditions. … More Monsoon Season

Bee-ing Artistic

It’s bad enough that bees were in danger of being lost thanks to a parasitic virus, but neonicotinoid insecticides were also being approved of by the governments of the United Kingdom and the European Union until recently, when they realised the disastrous results it could lead to. The modern world is so wrapped up in … More Bee-ing Artistic

Wild About Garlic

I have always liked garlic, but never really gave a thought to how many varieties there were, until I discovered ‘The Garlic Farm’. I planted up three varieties of spring garlic just a few weeks ago, Picardy Wight, Solent Wight and Mersley Wight. Most of it is growing fine but it will be some time … More Wild About Garlic

Ashes To Ashes

Death hits us hard when it calls. It has brought disappointment and annoyance because plants I bought, which were frost-tender at lower degrees, could still be expected to survive if protected, instead they have given up the ghost. I checked out the descriptions of the plants before I bought them and made sure they were … More Ashes To Ashes