The Sweet Box

The Christmas Rose in flower around December, Helleborus Niger, is a plant which brightens the darkest days. Promising that there are better days to come meantime, and surprising that the larger flower heads can be buried under the snow one day and emerge the next without frost damage to their petals. Another promising plant, Sweet Box, is … More The Sweet Box

Nurseries Or Home Care

I’ve started sowing seeds indoors and already the little shoots are popping through the compost. You spend time preparing for their arrival, nurture them and care for them through nursery stage to fully fledged tomato plants. There is a great deal of satisfaction in growing your own which can’t be compared to buying them. I … More Nurseries Or Home Care

The Bean Turn

Having put winged beans (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) in the cold sowing bottles, I changed my mind and dug them out again. They are a warm weather bean and if they can’t grow when I follow the instructions, treating them the complete opposite would be a bigger mistake. By the time I had decided to do this, … More The Bean Turn

Welcome Back Tom

Last year I suffered so much from an allergy to tomato plants, I though I would have to say farewell to them. I believe I may only be allergic to the plant itself so I can continue to grow them – with caution. I can never resist a bargain and in spite of being determined … More Welcome Back Tom

Allot Of Worry

With many people being too busy, or not interested in gardens, the space they used to call a garden is getting covered over with some form of easy-care material. During a conversation with a friend who is about to move house, and was asking if the new house had a big garden and the reply … More Allot Of Worry

Here I Go Again

  I was delighted with the ‘Karmazyn’ beans last year but this year I am going to try a dwarf French Bean ‘Borlotto Supreme Nano‘. I am always interested in dwarf varieties of anything although it’s horizontal space I am short of, I don’t mind how tall they grow. I just felt so pleased with … More Here I Go Again