Welcome Back Tom

Last year I suffered so much from an allergy to tomato plants, I though I would have to say farewell to them. I believe I may only be allergic to the plant itself so I can continue to grow them – with caution. I can never resist a bargain and in spite of being determined … More Welcome Back Tom

Allot Of Worry

With many people being too busy, or not interested in gardens, the space they used to call a garden is getting covered over with some form of easy-care material. During a conversation with a friend who is about to move house, and was asking if the new house had a big garden and the reply … More Allot Of Worry

Here I Go Again

  I was delighted with the ‘Karmazyn’ beans last year but this year I am going to try a dwarf French Bean ‘Borlotto Supreme Nano‘. I am always interested in dwarf varieties of anything although it’s horizontal space I am short of, I don’t mind how tall they grow. I just felt so pleased with … More Here I Go Again

Barking Mad

Perhaps it’s memories from my childhood, but there are a few plants grown by my mother, which instilled a fondness for them in me. Hollyhock, lupins, red-hot poker, roses, aster, gypsophila and many others come to mind. Her collection of plants had many origins from either exchanging seeds or cuttings with friends – and visits … More Barking Mad

The Also-rans

If you know horse racing terms, you will recognise the term ‘the also-rans’. Those are the ones in the race, the stragglers that never quite made winning. Like some of my plants, I am always surprised at the ones which, throughout the summer had to be coaxed into making an effort to do anything, but … More The Also-rans

The Fading Harvest

We just could not muster up enough heat or sunshine to ripen the Kiwano but at least I got three more fruits than I did last year. They should ripen indoors eventually but I consider it an achievement to get this far. For such a large, heavy, fruit, it hangs on a surprisingly fine vine … More The Fading Harvest

Bijoux Gardens

I join gardening clubs, Facebook groups, gardening forums and follow gardening bloggers etc. and see all the gardens which their owners describe as ‘small’. I would like to have their version of a small garden. I could grow enough produce to keep our town supplied with fruit and vegetables for many months. However, I have … More Bijoux Gardens