Friend or Foe?

There is generally one pest, be it insect or weed, which universally dominates gardens and gardening forums are filled with people asking the same question, “How do I get rid…?”. If the answer was all that straightforward, we wouldn’t need to ask, we would know. I wonder however, if anyone looks at their particular problem … More Friend or Foe?

A Little Daring

I grew Courgette, ‘Tondo Chiaro di Nizza’ about two years’ ago and it was delicious, so couldn’t resist growing it again. I tried Celtuce for about two years now and I have no idea where they disappeared to so I will try again. Sowing something new either for taste or curiosity will be grown again, if … More A Little Daring

Rock On Baby

I have, for some time, sown seeds in a windowsill propagator and potted the seedlings on into plastic drinking cups. This has been quite handy as the plant’s name can be written on the cup itself, saving the use of plant markers. I give away excess plants so I leave it to their adoptive parents … More Rock On Baby

Life Springs Eternal

The spring shrubs are preparing to show their finery in spite of the rain, wind and snow. The Camellia and its bigger siblings, the Rhododendrons are in bud just waiting to burst open in a few weeks. The Azalea is a little bit reluctant but there is still time for it to pull itself together … More Life Springs Eternal

A Healthy Option

I like growing kale, particularly to add to soup, but it is a lovely vegetable to eat whichever way you want. Kale sold in supermarkets is very rough cut and tough, and lacks flavour, so every year I battle with slugs, snails and caterpillars to grow it. I normally grow dwarf curly kale, then I … More A Healthy Option

Condiments and Coffee

Still the plant catalogues are falling through the letter box, advertising plants, seeds and many gifts to give a friendly gardener. I have tried many of their products between encouraging plants to grow and something to scare away the enemies. You can tot up quite a bit between all the deterrents, none of which seem … More Condiments and Coffee

The Sweet Box

The Christmas Rose in flower around December, Helleborus Niger, is a plant which brightens the darkest days. Promising that there are better days to come meantime, and surprising that the larger flower heads can be buried under the snow one day and emerge the next without frost damage to their petals. Another promising plant, Sweet Box, is … More The Sweet Box

Nurseries Or Home Care

I’ve started sowing seeds indoors and already the little shoots are popping through the compost. You spend time preparing for their arrival, nurture them and care for them through nursery stage to fully fledged tomato plants. There is a great deal of satisfaction in growing your own which can’t be compared to buying them. I … More Nurseries Or Home Care