A New Start – Raised Bed No.4 And SFG

At long last a start has been made to the fourth raised bed. The seeds are coming up in raised bed No.3, and it could quite well be a cost-cutter plan. I planted some varieties of pak choy, lettuce etc., four seeds to each square foot and four little green heads have appeared in each square sown. I was even a bit frugal and planted one seed for each plant I wanted, so I don’t need to waste any by picking any unwanted seedlings out. They are already in their forever home, so no transplanting either.

I did consider making this No.4 bed deeper but changed my mind. I already have one deep bed and with a couple of empty squares in it, I can sow some carrot seed in there. The leeks were left over from another container and the thyme had outgrown the hydroponic tank indoors.

The scourge of the neighbourhood are the cats my neighbours have. A nice little pet to have if you live in a flat. You don’t have to walk them and they are so independent, they wouldn’t appreciate the life of a dog! Why should they be confined to walkies at the will of their humans, when they have the freedom – and choice of gardens?

Don’t believe the adverts, none of the commercial cat deterrents work, neither do some of the home remedies. Whilst you’re left screaming at cats to get out of your garden, their human owners quietly sit, as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth and tell you that cats have the right to roam. I have the right to defend my property and only my concern for animal welfare stops me doing what I would like to do with them.

The success of my Square Foot Gardening raised bed is dependent on leaving the compost untouched, no pressure on it, not even a cat’s paw. The smug owners can relax, no cat will be injured but I wish I could send them the bill.

The pallet raised bed mesh covers I found were ideal. They have an arched top so nothing to entice the cats to make themselves comfortable, as one did on the flat cage top I made already.

With one or two final adjustments, my raised beds are almost complete and home, in the meantime, to a mix of some homeless plants and newly sown winter vegetables.

I wonder if I can sit back and wait for an abundant harvest from more comfortable surroundings? Cheap and easy to maintain, very little attention needed. Fewer worries about watering. Reduced attacks by predators. Reduced number of heavy pots and containers to handle and better results. What more could I want?

2 thoughts on “A New Start – Raised Bed No.4 And SFG

  1. Looks like good solutions, easy & productive! Better cats as pests than raccoons! Too bad your neighbors don’t get a yen to grow food, because their attitude would take a radical turn about when their own gardens would become the target. Good work on those beds!


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