Mad March

Throughout January we prepare for spring sowing. It’s very tempting to sow seeds earlier than the recommended sowing times but the results are usually disappointing. Sowing tomato seeds from mid-February to March was the best time for me in my area, probably being the best number of daylight hours. My chosen tomato seeds were in … More Mad March

Frozen Wastes

My first attempt to clear my raised beds failed drastically. There were still plants I intended overwintering in them but the severe frost left them in a very undesirable condition. This was my first of four Square Foot Gardening (SFG) raised beds, which was to replace the odd assortment of pots and containers, from which … More Frozen Wastes

The Birds and Bees

So far my planting has been mainly for the table but I still get concerned about our disappearing urban gardens’ effect on wildlife. Having cut down a juniper bush which had been accidentally trimmed too severely, I decided to remove it. I’ve only cut it down to above ground level as the roots will probably … More The Birds and Bees

Saving the Planet

Sometimes I feel I am alone on my mission to save the planet. I do wish more people would take on board, how being an easy living, throwaway society is killing the planet and damaging our own health. I’ve known people who lived on takeaways because they never took the trouble or time to learn … More Saving the Planet

Colour Me Autumn

It’s rather sad that autumn colours don’t stay longer. It doesn’t take long for that beautiful, colourful mantle to disappear. Some of the leaves didn’t take time to present a colourful show whilst others were ablaze. The leaves of the Acer are all gone now, but those on its neighbouring contorted hazel are a mix … More Colour Me Autumn