September Harvests

It’s quite sad to think we’ve reached the ‘end of’ days. End of long summer nights, end of summer harvests etc. and although I still have some plants on the go, the greenhouse is looking a bit forlorn without all the tomato plants. Usually the hydroponic tank races away with tomato growth, but not this … More September Harvests

Pickled Pink

I like sweet pickled beetroot and for many years, I didn’t know there were so many varieties of beetroot available. Having been given a couple of very large beetroots, I wondered how best to cook and preserve them. The biggest one was a Chioggia beetroot with beautiful rings of red and white. It’s much sweeter … More Pickled Pink

Resistance Is Futile

Judging from remarks in some of the gardening forums, we are all afflicted with a common addiction. No matter how you try to kick the habit, another plant cannot be resisted. The words ‘Plant Sale’, changes your whole way of thinking. I’m sure other garden enthusiasts can identify with that. You can put your mind … More Resistance Is Futile