Colour Me Autumn

It’s rather sad that autumn colours don’t stay longer. It doesn’t take long for that beautiful, colourful mantle to disappear. Some of the leaves didn’t take time to present a colourful show whilst others were ablaze.

The leaves of the Acer are all gone now, but those on its neighbouring contorted hazel are a mix of green, yellow and brown. A few flowers are hanging on until the last minute but they are the stragglers making a valiant effort but no blaze of glory for them.

The gardening circle continues with autumn sowing. A few weeks ago I sowed winter lettuce and although slow, it is still growing. Arctic King and Marvel of Four Seasons are two of the lettuce in my square foot gardening raised bed.

Having received a delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables, I took advantage of a very nice-looking garlic bulb and planted nine cloves in one of the sections. I’m pleased to see that there are little centimetre high points appearing above the compost. I haven’t taken any cuttings or collected seeds this year. I am determined to finish off the seeds I have already before collecting more. However, the garlic bulb was just too tempting.

You can save a lot of money by collecting seeds and cuttings from your own garden or get some from friends. One of the online groups I belong to have seed exchanges at the end of the summer, this gives the opportunity for everyone to try something different. I received many seeds from plants I had never heard of, it’s also interesting to compare their growing habits in the different areas and countries. Of course it doesn’t really stop me buying seeds if I see something I like, also seeds don’t take up space while they are in the packet!

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