Resistance Is Futile

Judging from remarks in some of the gardening forums, we are all afflicted with a common addiction. No matter how you try to kick the habit, another plant cannot be resisted. The words ‘Plant Sale’, changes your whole way of thinking. I’m sure other garden enthusiasts can identify with that. You can put your mind … More Resistance Is Futile

A New Start

It’s been a long time since I blogged anything. Probably with good reason. Illness was the first to slow me down, so I was totally unorganised for the start of the sowing season, more unorganised than usual that is. The weather wasn’t good but in spite of that, I had been considering ways of making … More A New Start

Well I Never!

You learn something new everyday and here in Scotland, the unassuming little bug which seems to be everywhere, we know as ‘slaters’. Elsewhere, they have different names but even as a ‘pill bug’ we understand what they are. We find them around old property and especially where there is old, decaying wood. As they were … More Well I Never!

Hitting The Bottle

I should never be surprised when seeds, which have been put in five-litre water bottles and tossed outside, actually start to grow. That’s how nature intended it to be, not in plastic bottles of course, but to battle their way through winter for only the strongest to survive. I am much later than normal at … More Hitting The Bottle

Gardening For All

I’ve met a number of people over the years who have varying degrees of interest in the garden. Many have ideas quite different to mine, but that doesn’t matter, it’s what makes it interesting. I’ve been described as an enthusiastic amateur, but actually I think ‘hobbyist’ might fit better. I don’t like ‘twee’ gardens where … More Gardening For All