A Taste Of Harvest

The Lilac Bell peppers are ripening up nicely and are an interesting, colourful addition to a salad, but I always feel that being a small space gardener doesn’t really produce great quantities of anything, except tomatoes. Tomatoes are my main crop and grow happily in the greenhouse. Happily for me at least. I know where they … More A Taste Of Harvest

Cool As A Cucumber

At long last I am getting a harvest of tasty fruits from the greenhouse. There have been a few disappointments of new plants but the season isn’t over yet, they may still give me an idea of what they are like. The cherry tomatoes were the first to ripen and are constantly getting nibbled. It … More Cool As A Cucumber

A Glowing Report

Cucumbers are relatively easy to grow and for the past couple of years, I favoured the mini cucumber for both taste and size. It was a convenient size which meant it was all used, without any of it languishing in the fridge for any length of time, so always fresh, just picked from the vine. … More A Glowing Report