Trombones In The Garden

Although not a great baker or cook, I enjoy eating the end result so when flicking through the pages of a foodie magazine, there were lots of recipes for pumpkin cookies, squash cakes and really a whole list of cake and cookie recipes involving vegetables I had never really considered, I don’t know why, I like carrot cake and potato scones so why not pumpkin?

I prefer scones but even those are not safe from a vegetable I associate with a magic coach and a handsome prince. The squash I grew, in fact it was the very first squash I have ever grown, was Tromba di Abenga, an Italian squash which got it’s name from a trombone. It was quite happy hanging onto an arch which I had hoped would support anything that wanted to climb. Perhaps if the weather had been warmer and drier here, it would have made a bigger effort to climb further up. 


Never having grown the squash before, I hadn’t a clue about when it was ready for eating but I had watched it long enough. When I picked the first strawberry as well, I had to take a photograph of the stars of the garden that day. The bulbous end is the business end with the seeds and the curvy neck is the meaty bit. It appears you can let it grow to quite a length, but I couldn’t wait. I lightly fried it in butter and it was delicious so I have made my mind up that one is on the list of favourite vegetables. Besides anything else, anything that’s happy growing upwards instead of outwards, is a boon in my small garden.

Perhaps I cut it before it was ripe or was the wrong shape, but it didn’t turn into the magic coach so no handsome prince!


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3 thoughts on “Trombones In The Garden

  1. There are similar varieties, Tromboncino is a straight version, they apparently store well as a winter squash. I’ve still got two very small ones developing so I might not be finished with the harvest yet 😀


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