Is It A Horror?

wasp-clip-art-wasp-mdI’ve been fairly fortunate this year, in spite of reports of invasions of wasps, I haven’t seen too many. There was one buzzing around the greenhouse when I was struggling with the bubble wrap and in fact, I was so engrossed in what I was doing, I almost didn’t look to see what was tickling my arm, until the last minute, just before I brushed it aside. 

It’s strange that I can face up to all sorts of insects in the greenhouse and just take them as having a right to be there, yet outdoors the same insect turns into a ferocious beast. I may have been watching too many horror films.

Even looking at the plants which seem to have grown a lot bigger than expected, makes me start to believe the ‘Day Of The Triffids’, I think that day could be here very soon. I also wonder why the smaller plants don’t put the same effort into groants-leaf-animatedwing. My Snowball turnips have now disappeared completely and the Chiogga beetroot leaves are full of tiny holes. In fact all the winter growing vegetables are full of holes. I suspect the ants think they have found a food hall and can help themselves.

My plan for continuous growing has been thwarted until the summer vegetables and flowers can be harvested or pulled out, the warm September days seem to prolong the growth of the plants and this means my winter growing plants are forming a queue, so it looks as if I will need to plant in containers I can move easily elsewhere until I can get them where I want them. This is another case of ‘plan B’.


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