Here We Grow Again

It was always my intention to re-lay electric cabling to the greenhouse after replacing an old garage with a shed. The electrician who wired up the shed never came back to finish taking the cabling a little bit further. It wasn’t a difficult job, just one of ‘I’ll get around to it, tomorrow’  jobs. I couldn’t wait so slabs and gravel were laid and containers put into place to relieve the greenhouse from plants which were already bursting at their seams, or perhaps I should say pots, waiting to get out into some space so that they would hopefully give it their all, to provide a bountiful harvest.

Summer passed and still using the old cabling, the outer sheath of the cable was showing signs of cracking so I didn’t want to risk another winter further damaging the wiring. Time was taken up renewing cabling and conduit and fitting a double socket in the greenhouse so that the hydroponic tank could run independent of any of the propagators on the other side of the greenhouse. However I won’t go into the details of how I lost control of the coiling cable and conduit. It became so farcical, had it been on film, it would have been worthy of a place beside the old comedy films such as the Keystone Cops.

Although the cabling is still in need of being tidied up, I have been able to think about planting autumn vegetables out. Even then there is one minor flaw in the plan, some of the summer plants haven’t died off yet. Achocha Fat Babies are being re-born. I keep looking at the vines which look as if they have reached their expiry date but in spite of that they are still producing fruits. Since the container they are in was supposed to be a permaculture container, it’s the only plant still in it and I haven’t been able to do too much to refresh the compost, it’s had no more than a rake over and top-dressed but it’s now home to collards. I’ve planted up both Champion and Southern Georgia collards and hope they can put up with second-hand compost. It was an emergency transplant with them, they had gone quite leggy and their roots tightly packed in their small pots.

I’m ashamed to say my sweet potatoes didn’t come to much at all. I think I may have been a bit too ambitious in growing them in a covered container and forgetting to water them! I have to admit that our autumn has been surprisingly warm and I probably could have grown them outside, uncovered, with better results. I may try again next year, I would like to grow them.

What I did taste of earlier samples (can’t call them much more than samples) I think I preferred the red Carolina Ruby to the white O’Henry.



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