Christmas Cheer

With Christmas almost upon us, the cold, damp, frosty weather gets brightened for a few weeks with the glittering, flashing, bright lights. A bit ritzy and glitzy, but at a point when spirits are still sulking about the loss of summer, even the tacky decorations can turn dullsville into Tinseltown. This is when I succumb and add my whimsy to the garden in festive celebrations.santa

Having checked the last-gasp vegetables to find they had finally taken it and had passed away peacefully. For most days so far, the greenhouse hasn’t been too cold but it only took a few sub-zero temperatures to send them on their way. Strangely enough, the well frozen turnips, beetroot, komatsuna and mizuna outside are looking fairly fresh and I had to find out how the Chioggia beetroot was coping so I pulled one. It’s tiny and such a beautiful shade of red. Although the beetroot ball was small, it had an impressive root so no wonder it was able to hang in during the frosty weather. 



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