My Posh Garden Party


Cocktails and caviar might conjure up visions of summer with warm afternoon garden parties but though not a lie, it’s not the entire truth either. The only cocktails creme-de-menthewould be the cocktail kiwi and the caviar from the citrus caviar tree (citrus Australasica). Of course we don’t need to stop there, the tiniest of mints, (Corsican or rock mint) is used in the flavouring for Crème de Menthe, pimmsand who, in summer, would not like to sip a Pimms, loaded with fresh garden fruits of strawberry, cucumber, mint and orange. A refreshinmilt-julepg but stronger mint Julep. Even ice cubes don’t need to escape their part in the party plan, blue borage flowers frozen in ice make a pretty addition for summer drinks.


Summer hasn’t come around yet although I have just taken delivery of my new citrus caviar tree. It has small dark, shiny leaves and long lethal thorns. The lime fruits are finger-shaped and apparently when cut across, little balls of lime/grapefruit tasting fruits tumble out. I do hope I get fruit off the tree this year.


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