Spice Wars

I tolerate neighbours’ animals visiting my garden. Most of them, most of the time don’t do any real damage. There are times however, that no matter how cute the animal is, it can turn into your worst enemy, all thanks to irresponsible owners. Their owners know what they do but they don’t seem to care.

The cats knock over plants, during raging battles with furry intruders. I normally don’t have much bother with a neighbour’s cats. They are trained to use the litter tray so don’t leave me with any little surprises. I have tried many of the animal deterrents on the market and can safely say they don’t work. Not only do cats get curious about the electronic scarers, I think they like them, they must do, they sit and listen to the constant chirrups of the gadget whilst either watching the world go by or completing their ablutions.

Black Cat

My neighbour’s dogs are a different matter, nice friendly canines which can also be like bulls in a china shop should they get the chance to venture into my space. Another neighbour has a husky, which is a lovely dog but having a playful husky around is worse than my other neighbour’s two dogs put together.

Two days running, the fence to my garden (I describe it as a fence with tongue in cheek), has been knocked down. The bird table knocked down for the umpteenth time and this time one of the legs broken. I don’t mind animals in the garden as long as they are well behaved but there is an intruder which seems to be a delinquent of sorts. It has made me angry enough to take severe action. I’ve sprinkled a light dusting of hot chilli powder at the area the fence was damaged. It won’t do them any harm, but it may make life very unpleasant for them the moment their tongues touch their little paws.

The theory is that they will associate it as an unpleasant place to go to. I might be able to find out soon, which one of little vandals is to blame. My neighbour’s cats sneak into my garden, either over the wall or under the shed and they don’t get out at night, so there is a good chance it’s not them although feline battles have been heard in the wee small hours of the night. I’m not cruel altogether, it is only a smidgen of hot chilli powder, very lightly dusted over a small area and if the animals are smart enough, they will smell it first.   

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