Ent-er The Trees

Being a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, and not only having a desire to live in a Hobbit hole, I am trying very hard to develop my own Ent forest. This is very difficult when you try to fit a whole forest into one very small garden. I am however an optimist and having a cup that’s half full and not half empty, I will do my best.

I hear friends say they don’t have a big enough garden to grow anything. I also have friends who have no intention of growing anything and I have to admit their gardens look dead and lifeless and such a waste when they could be looking out at a whole colourful, magnificent metropolis of activity instead of giving a impression that they are as dull and lifeless as their outdoor space. I don’t have a big enough garden either but all things are possible if you want to try.

Green man c
The Green Man

Over the years I have had to remove shrubs and trees which outgrew my little patch. I’ve had conifers, deutzia and philadelphia but when they outgrew their space, they had to go. I still have my photinia red robin and magnolia trees which are in the garden, however, last year I added to my virtual forest by including a Victoria plum, later followed by a Lime Caviar tree, both are in large pots, so like the Ents in Tolkien’s tale, they are movable.

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