Heaven Scent

There is nothing nicer than getting a waft of all the delightful smells in the greenhouse. Tomatoes were quite strong-smelling until some others took over. Nasturtium, basil, coriander and Indian mint are all vying for their place in the pong charts. Just when I stand there inhaling all their heady perfumes, I accidentally knock open the lid of the chicken fertiliser pellets and that brings me back to earth.

My Bokashi bin isn’t too bad, the Bokashi meal smells sweet bokashibut the liquid drained from it is quite strong and definitely can’t be described as sweet, however, not only does it make a good fertiliser, it cleans drains.

Outside, the herbs clamour for smell space, thyme and rosemary in particular. Other strong-smelling herbs are growing elsewhere which is probably just as well as the scented sweet peas are have burst into bloom and taken over. My Handel rose perfume only lasted as long as the one bloom on it.

There is something about the summer scents of the garden and greenhouse which I am sure have therapeutic values beyond the pharmacy.


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