Three Little Sisters

Although it may be considered more common for the three sisters, beans, corn and squash to share the same bed, I made do with a plant pot with two of the sisters and a nasturtium. My beans were planted elsewhere and having some leftover plants I decided to stick them in a pot and hope for the best.

I didn’t really have much hope for any of them except perhaps the nasturtium, they seem happy enough to grow anywhere and can make it’s bed wherever it lands. I had so many plans about the great harvests I would be getting but the plant pot of leftovers is looking a bit better than anything else.

What beans I have planted, had snails sitting like praying mantises ready to bite the heads off them. I am left with two Amethyst beans. Perhaps the purple blended in too much with the compost and they never noticed them.Squash tub

The Strawberry Popcorn planted in the pot is looking healthy but sadly is unlikely to produce anything this year, probably due to the dreadful summer we have had. The other sister is squash and there are some little snooker ball sized fruits on them. In spite of all their downfalls, they do look a happier family being together.



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