The Long Road To Recovery

I am so surprised at the big effort some of the plants are making to recover from winter. There are new shoots on the climbing rose, leaf buds on the magnolia tree, fruit bushes and the cocktail kiwi. I’ve had the kiwi for a few years and only once had fruit from it. After the Mini Kiwi circfirst winter I thought it had died,
it looked like it but I like to make sure so I put the pot in the greenhouse over winter and was about to throw it out when I noticed a little bit of life. I didn’t get any fruit that year either but at least it was alive and by the following year there were one or two fruits on it. They were tiny, perfect little hairless kiwis and they tasted delicious. It’s now left outdoors and even in our harshest weather, it’s one of the first to show signs of life.

Some of my jungle inspired plants didn’t make it though, I have a feeling that plants I 220px-TrachycarpusFortuneibought as outdoor plants should have really been houseplants. The Canna lily and Ginger lily, however, are looking fine indoors, they are too small yet to spend the winter outside. The two Trachycarpus fortunei palm trees I received free with the order of jungle plants, are still alive so at least if they carry on growing, I won’t need to worry about what else I need to grow, there won’t be the space. 

I have two tasks in mind, one is to check all the electric plugs to find out why my electricity to the greenhouse is not working and it’s also time to plant spring garlic.

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