Chilly Tomatoes

Recently, I decided to go away for a few days. The electricity to the greenhouse obviously had the same thing in mind so I was left with unheated propagators. It was an ideal opportunity to find out just how the tomato seedlings would fair in such chilly conditions. The temperature has been teetering around freezing point so without the sun at night, it plummets even further.

It was a lovely surprise to see my little experimental seedlings looking very healthy, the ones left indoors were probably vying with each other to get to the sun and were beginning to look just a teeny bit leggy.  I have put a few more in the greenhouse, but we are not over the severe frosts yet and I don’t want to take too many chances.

I can’t say I noticed an appreciable difference but that was only one week chilling out. The biggest damage was when I broke a stem, removing the propagator lid but I will leave that to see if it will mend. I was surprised last year, after I broke the stem of a courgette, I left it with a little support and it calloused over and carried on to produce fruits. I usually always give plants a fighting chance, it’s just raising them from the dead that causes problems.


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2 thoughts on “Chilly Tomatoes

  1. My cosmos was in the garden and I don’t know yet if it has survived, it doesn’t look like it. Nothing is looking too healthy in this area at the moment. The days are getting longer and on the rare sunny days, the greenhouse was comfortably warm, something you don’t really get in the long dark winter days. Might be all right as long as the crown is protected with fleece or straw if the greenhouse is unheated but at least they would get more light. I lost a lot of plants even overwintering them in the greenhouse, just too dark and too cold.


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