The Royal Basil

There are usually three very strong smells in my greenhouse when the plants get going. The lovely smell of tomatoes, and although I grow several varieties, an absolute must is Gardener’s Delight, a sweet tasting, larger cherry tomato, which lives up to it’s name, it is a delight to eat them fresh off the vine. It’s a prolific producer and early fruiting, so you can’t ask for more. Indian Mint c

Indian Mint doesn’t have just as many culinary uses, although I believe it is used more in Indian cookery. It looks amazing in a hanging basket, makes a lovely aromatic mint tea and it does surpass on perfume.

If you grow tomatoes, what better companion can you have than basil, Basilius, meaning royal or kingly, it’s another beautifully perfumed plant which like the Indian Mint and tomatoes, you feel you just can’t get enough of. Sweet Basil or Genovese Basil is the common pairing with food but there are also some very pretty basil plants around and since I look for the best of both worlds in use and in looks, I decided to try some of the other varieties and today is the day for sowing. I didn’t realise I had just so many but there will be ten little pots lined up in the greenhouse. Some of the basils are known under different names, such as Liquorice Basil being the same as Thai Basil but only time will tell what I have and I will need to wait to see if I notice any difference when they mature. That certainly will be a royal privilege.

I’ve ‘borrowed’ the photographs from where I buy many of my seeds.



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