Food For Free

Strawberries have trailers with plantlets on the end, and some plants can be divided. Peppers have seeds which can be sown. My Indian Mint has long trailing stems and when you look at the leaf joints you see that each one is a potential new plant.

I’m sure we’ve all tried growing plants from pips and stones, they do work but you need time on your side. Perhaps that’s the reason I’ve added decent size plum tree to my fruity collection. I have no idea when it will produce fruit and it will need to be content with a container to grow in. There is no doubt fruit trees do a lot better in the ground where they have room to grow but from some years at least, they could be all right in a container which was big enough for their roots.

The one thing you need to consider is the natural environment of some of the fruit and vegetables.  Some seeds need to go through a period of stratification and some time in the fridge would help that though the easy way is put them in plastic containers with air holes and let nature take it’s course.  This is suitable for some vegetables but not all.

More on this later …


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