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This is a list of some of the plants I’m growing in the greenhouse and in pots and containers and they will change as I decide what I would like to try again or what new plants I would like to add.  I also hope this will be an inspiration for anyone who usually says “I don’t have a garden”, to look at the space they do have available, even if you can’t plant out in a garden, have you considered planting up?   Rainwater guttering attached to a shed or wall, can be used for shallow rooted plants like herbs and lettuces.  Amazing growing space can be made from pallets.  Just a little bit of thought and some help from Google

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Achocha, Fat Baby (S.American, Cucumber family) (ancient Peruvian)

Achocha, Exploding (S. American, Cucumber family) (ancient Peruvian) (fun this year but not again)

Amaranthe Mixed Leaves (Aztec origin)

Arbutus Unedo Strawberry Tree (seed sown) (native to Mediteranean)

Arctic Raspberry (Arctic & Alpine regions of Northern hemisphere)

Aubergine (Worldwide)



Beetroot, Chioggia (seed sown)

Chilean Guava (Chile, Argentine)

Chilli: Pyramid Raindow

Chinese Artichokes

Cocktail Kiwi tree



Cucumber (Telegraph)

Dwarf Kale

Egypian Onion (walking onion)

Electric Daisy

Epazote Chenopodium ambrosioides


Japanese Wineberry (Japan, China, Korea)

Komatsuna Japanese Green Boy (Japan, Taiwan)


Lettuce (mixed)

Liscari Sativa Salsola (Mediteranean)

Mertensia Maritima Asiatica (Oyster plant)

Mixed Oriental Spicy Leaves

New Zealand Spinach

Oca (New Zealand Yam)


Plum, Victoria tree

Pineapple Guava (seed sown) (S.America)

Pipiche (Mexican coriander)


Spring onion (seed sown)

Strawberries (Sonata)

Summer Satueja horenesis (summer savory)

Sweet Potato: Carolina Ruby

Sweet Potato: O’Henry

Tamarillo Tree Tomato (seed sown) (S American)

Tomato: Shirley

Tomato: Gardener’s Delight

Tomato: Matina

Tomato: Berner Rose

Tomato: Black Cherry.

Tomato: unknown

Tromba di Albenga squash (Italy)

Yacon: (S. American)

Wonderberry (seed sown)

Shungiku (Mediteranean & E.Asia)


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