Some Like It Hot

The colder nights might conjour up visions of blazing fires and mugs of hot cocoa or even that long favoured Scottish winter warmer, the hot toddy, ignoring the howling winds and battering rain outside the cocoon we call home. As a child, winter diets included a lot of stodge and fatty foods, we needed it to keep warm. Summer was for salads but there came a time when it was more like hearty soups, beef stews with dumplings, followed with more stodge in the shape of suet puddings and there are plenty of spices to add heat to food.

The chilli pictured, should have been something quite different. I wanted the milder Rainbow Pyramid Chilli and although that’s what it says on the seed envelope, it has turned out to be something else. I’m not really a chilli fan so I thought I would go for the more colourful rainbow, pretty to look at but still usable for cooking. I have friends who just drop a few chillies into a jar and let them dry off then pop some in a bottle of oil to flavour it.

Some of the leafy vegetables being grown this winter have a lovely peppery taste so between them and the chillies, I should be well prepared for the colder weather.

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