In The Pink

I thought some of my plants were looking surprisingly healthy, if I ignored the teeth marks on their leaves that is. I have a bad habit of either over or under watering them and never seem to get it righgravel-tray-c1t but these plants were definitely looking good, and the reason being, they were sitting in a gravel tray. Their roots had come down through the drainage holes in the seed tray and were helping themselves to a drink. I am pleased with the results but it does mean they can’t stay in the luxury of an ‘on demand’ service much longer, I need to get them planted into pots so that they can go to their final resting places. Some will be heading to face the winter outdoors and some remain under cover. I’ve never grown anything over winter before, so it will be interesting to see what turns out. 

I pulled one of the cocktail kiwi a couple of days ago, the leaves are falling off it but the fruit is nowhere near ready. I had a bite of one to make sure it was what it said it was and there is definitely a mild but sour kiwi taste from the unripe fruit. It’s final shape hasn’t developed either, perhaps it will do better next year.

I have one cucamelon which I planted very late and is now just in flower. Using leftover seeds from the previous year, I didn’t know whether they would germinate. One did but I have just found out that cucamelons are perennial, so I can pot it on and hope it will continue to grow.wonderberryThe Wonderberries (Solanum burbankii) are coming along nicely and are starting to flower. The small dark berries resemble deadly nightshade and don’t have a lot of taste raw, but cooked with added sugar have a pleasant taste to be used for pies or desserts. I sincerely hope resemblance is as close as it gets to it’s poisonous lookalike.


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