Clip It

There are those who can see only single use for a number of common everyday objects, but if you are also interested in recycling or upcycling, you do tend to see beyond what’s inside the box. It just takes something to spark an idea off in your mind and you start the wheels of the cranial industry working again.

A recent discussion in a gardening forum on the best way of dealing with supporting plants in a greenhouse, left me wondering if I could improve on just sticking a cane in a tomato pot. This year in particular saw the tomato plants shoot up with the resultant fruit appearing higher up on quite a spindly stem. They were supported in all directions with canes and twine once the tomatoes matured. One poster on the forum mentioned he had bought washing line in a High Street shop for £1. As a coincidence, the local hardware store were selling off some greenhouse accessories and in particular a bag of quite substantial looking, large-eyed attachments for the greenhouse frame and our local bargain store had fine washing line, plastic with a wire core. It was ideal.


It’s a bit late in the season to worry about supporting plants but my little cucamelon which was making every effort to survive in spite of it’s seeds only being sown months after the sow by date. I decided that since it was making the effort, so could I, especially if there was a chance of it being perennial. It was struggling a bit in the little drinking cup starter pot, already producing flowers and the start of developing fruit. I had to break it’s tendril’s grip on it’s surrounding supports so when repotted, it had nothing to cling on to. I thought then about the string hanging down. My bright idea was to tie twine to the lines, by now running across the roof but this would mean untying and tying every time I wanted to move the pot. The problem was solved with a mini bulldog clip. With a length of twine tied to it, I can move it whenever there is line to attach it to.

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