Where There’s Muck

Growing in so many containers takes a lot of compost, and when I only had the tomatoes and sohydroponic-tank-roots-2me odd plants, I used new compost each year. It would be too wasteful and expensive buying so much new every season and there’s really no need. Many things can be used as a growing medium providing the nutrients are there. I have a hydroponic tank for some tomatoes and they are grown in water and liquid feed. 

Although I don’t have a composter, I use a large shrub tub to keep spent compost in. My wormery provides worm castings which also get added to the compost tub. This year I will be adding compost from a bokashi bin as well. So far all the leftover food has been getting put in the wormery, council’s kitchen bio bin or the garden waste bin, depending on what it was. The bokashi bin will reduce that even further. It takes all food scraps including meat and dairy, add a little of the bokashi meal each time you add kitchen waste, once it’s full and you can’t compress it further, seal it with the lid and don’t disturb it for about two weeks until the process of fermenting is complete. The results can even be safe enough to be fed into the wormery, added to compost or if you have a garden, it can be dug in and left to finish the process underground.

The water drawn off from a wormery actually has little value, it is only rainwater which has leaked into it and is not ‘worm tea’, that is a different process altogether. The bokashi liquid, on the other hand, is drained off from time to time and is a potent fertiliser, apparently 1 part to 100 dilution but safe to pour down drains where it’s microbes can help to keep the drain healthy. It’s little microbes get busy doing all the work for us.

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