What If?

When I see the general trend for fast foods and living life at the end of a computer or iPhone, it makes me wonder about the ‘what if’ factor. 

What if all power stations ceased to function? … I can’t imagine the devastation that would cause. We have got so used to flicking switches for everything in our lives, it’s getting to the stage of nothing exists without switching it on. It would be the endcars of the line for everything as we know it. No computers or networks, and since computers have taken over from manually operated machines there would be no checkouts or even stock control in shops but that wouldn’t matter because the fuel pumps would have also ceased to function.

No more Google babies, parents would need to fall back on their natural parenting skills but even that would be difficult since many parents are both at work and the children farmed out to child carers, so how could they pass the skills on. Would they even know how to wash a nappy – without a washing machine because there would be no ‘Pampering’.

What if losing power meant no food getting imported or delivered? … The desire to have trouble-free gardens and a place to park cars means no growing space. Could we really go back to producing our own foods? It’s probably easier than you think. Making an effort to plant a few edible seeds in pots is a staShungikurt but food still grows wild if we would forage more. Most of us know about the hedgerow fruits such as blackberries (brambles), crab apples, sloes etc. but there are plenty more. It’s even possible to find substitutes for all the expensive imported spices we rely on but instead of opening a packet, you need to learn when and what to pick. That of course would solve the problem with what to do with the children if there was no iPhone or TV. What a great family outing that would be.

I was listening to a programme in the car a few days ago on foraging and I was amazed at how much food we have for free, yet for many, it’s not even considered. Not being taught how to survive without shops and ready meals could be a drawback. I’ve foraged for elderflower for elderflower champagne, elderberries for wine, blackberries and crab apples for jams, jellies and pies. It doesn’t stop there of course and I’ve given a link to a website on wild foods, together with some recipes.

The food all looks lovely however, I will need to wait until next autumn to try the elderberry vinegar.

From the Galloway Wild Food website


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