All Strung Up

The management of space when you don’t have much is quite a problem. I’ve been using strings in the greenhouse to support the climbers and it seems to be working well. Previously I opted mainly for canes for support because I wanted to be able to move pots around. Any strings previously used were attached to the greenhouse frame but allowed only limited movement, now I’ve strung up horizonal ropes across the greenhouse roof and fastened twine to bulldog clips which  can be clipped on and off the ropes or slid along when necessary. The hanging basket makes a handy seed dryer and like the ropes, bulldog clips can be used to hold paper bags containing harvested seeds.

Instead of rows of plants standing like short soldiers, they can continue to grow further up the roof. It does turn the greenhouse into more of a green grotto.

Indoor jungle

Of course spatial awareness often ignores the needs of houseplants stored in the greenhouse, Tolmiea menziesii (piggyback plant) was tiny last year but it’s starting to take over and I haven’t taken the time to split it yet.



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2 thoughts on “All Strung Up

  1. Thanks Keith, I’m always amazed at the amount of produce people can have in very little space so you have to make use of what you can get. It’s often the simplest things which are the most benefit.


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