Slugging It Out Without A Struggle


After the season of tossing snails over the wall and dispatching slugs in a salt bath, it still amazes me that there are so many left. They must be happy in my garden – of course they are, I plant things for them! I even caught a snail depositing it’s eggs in a planter with poppies in it, so it must consider it an ideal place to bring up the family.  

Even the more mature plants which have got as far as being mature, are now getting nipped back. Courgette and Squash stems must be a real winner for them judging from the lack of developing fruit left on the half-chewed stems.


I finally got a large container of beer slops from the pub across the road and it’s one time I don’t mind the partying going on during the night. They move very quickly once they get a whiff of beer. I just poured it into whatever containers would hold liquid and sent the invitations out. This morning several of the partygoers were definitely suffering from the effects of the ‘morning after the night before’ though a lot didn’t make it through to morning and I am sure they met their demise with a smile on their faces. I found this little clip which shows the sheer pleasure on a snail’s face as the beer takes effect.


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