They’re Back!


I don’t think I’ve been able to bend down to pick something up without my face going into a web, and when I do there is often a spider dangling from it. These little fellows are not bungee jumping, they are finding the best places to build webs. Aphids surprisingly enough don’t make any spider a happy meal, they don’t like small fry but much prefer flies, wasps, butterflies etc. but the biggest problem I’ve had, even in the greenhouse, are slugs and I don’t think spiders that size are equipped with either strong enough webs or big enough fangs to take on tough, rubbery slugs. 

In the house I have a spider vacuum and I use that to evict any spider intruding on ‘my’ spider hooverspace. I don’t mind them being around, they catch flies and I like them even less. My rules are, stay out of sight or get evicted. It would appear that even in the insect world, rules get ignored so when a large, butch, black house spider galloped (I do not exaggerate there) across the room, I ran for the spider vacuum. It must have have had some idea it wasn’t going to like what I was trying to do and it looked as if all eight of it’s legs were hanging on to the rim of the nozzle in defiance, refusing to let go. It took several attempts but finally I picked it up just long enough to deposit it out the window. No spider was hurt in the process!

Spider babies

This is a clutch of spider babies having a group hug. They had spread themselves out, running around the web but when I touched the web they all ran back for shelter. That’s what they were like at the beginning of June but it looks as if they are now big enough to spin their own web and venture into independence.  

It is a sad but moving story to know that once the female spider has laid the eggs, her life is dedicated to protecting them, and unable to leave the web to hunt and feed, dies before the eggs have hatched leaving her little orphaned babies never knowing their mum.


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