Have You Got The Bottle?

Some time ago, I bought a glass cutter, with the full intention of creating magnificent objets d’art with it. I did also think about collecting the wine bottles to make an interesting divider in the garden – dividing the neighbour’s dogs from my garden that is. I am a self-confessed recycler, I look at some old piece of interesting junk and wonder how I can use it.

I acquired an old, rotted, wooden garden gate discarded in a farm. I also found the gatepost to use with it. For three years it lay under a shed waiting for someone to help me put it up. There were promises, there always are but I felt three years was long enough. I got someone to put the gatepost up, I wanted it to be in line with what should be my patch of ground. I also fitted a spring so that I don’t need to worry about closing the gate.

There will always be a gap between my gatepost and my neighbour’s fence. I didn’t want it blocked off completely because it’s part of my neighbour’s land which I have use of. My daughter’s old cot side provide a perfectly adequate barrier and is easily removed if necessary.

I do get round to plan ‘A’ occasionally and this is where the wine bottles came in. Armed with diamond glass drill, I cut a hole in the dimpled base of the bottle, drilled two holes in the neck and that was the bottle planter ready. I had a tray of rooted, tiny Indian Mint plants and decided they would be ideal, hanging from the bottle and would look good, once they grew a little bit more of course.

My first attempt at wiring the bottle, I used ordinary garden wire, which I felt was too thin and movement with the wind would probably have it worn through in a short time. If the wind didn’t break it, rust would. I found some spare coaxial cable, removed the outer sheath, and the some of the inner sheath leaving enough copper wire to bend round to secure it. The short inner covering of the wire would stop the wire rubbing against the raw edge of the holes in the neck. I have a few other ideas about using bottles but I don’t want to create a bottleneck though.

Indian mint in flower
Indian Mint as a trailer



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