Minted Again

Australian mint bush

This unassuming little shrub never seemed to do very much. It does have pretty, white, orchid-like flowers and fragrant leaves. I bought it many years ago as an Australian Mint Bush, I’ve also seen it named Alpine Mint Bush but regardless of it’s name, it is a member of the Prostanthera family.

prostanthea-cuneataMain c

When I think of what herbs I have, and in spite of the name ‘mint bush’, I’ve never really considered it as a herb and yet in it’s native Australia, the indigenous people of New South Wales used the leaves for pain relief and as an antiseptic.

It hasn’t really grown much since I first bought it. It’s a tough little shrub. It originally shared it’s pot with some stray seeds of Snow-in-Summer and when it started looking a little peaky, I repotted it in fresh compost and tried to remove it’s companion. It is looking a bit healthier. So with a little human help, the mint bush has also healed itself.



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