Keeping Up Appearances

Tomatoes, 2018

At last the tomatoes are planted up in their final pots. Eight in pots and three in the hydroponic tank, all different varieties. There are another three pots in another greenhouse with only the little Ildi tomato to be potted up. I haven’t quite decided what to do with that one yet, it’s the tiniest tomato and can grow in a basket.

I did have the thought of planting up a tub for my neighbour’s grandchildren. I have strawberry plants (some of uncertain parentage), although most of Nessie's tubmy strawberries were Sonata, I did have one or two plants given to me which were nameless. Tom Thumb peas, which only grow about eight inches tall, and the Ildi tomatoes. In theory it would be fine but our weather is so unreliable, I might be better to keep the little tomatoes in the greenhouse. I could instead top it all with strawberry popcorn, that is, if it germinates.

Last year’s strawberry popcorn, was underplanted with nasturtiums and mini squash. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough sun for the popcorn to develop much of a cob, but I will keep trying.Corn tub c

Tomatoes this year are: Berner Rose, Black Cherry, Black Opal, Black Russian, Gardener’s Delight, Garden Peach, Ildi, Marglobe, Marmande, Rosella, Sweet Aperitif. 

Stepped down from last year are: Sub Arctic Plenty and Roma. Sub Arctic Plenty as it’s name suggests, should be better for colder climates but with one under-ripe fruit, it failed the test completely. Roma was quite prolific, but used mainly for making tomato sauce, I didn’t find it flavoursome for eating straight off the vine. (That’s my method of testing.)

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