Sing A Rainbow

When I see all the colours of the flowers in bloom it reminds me of the children’s song ‘I can sing a rainbow’.

The first line, ‘red and yellow and pink and green’, is fairly easy to fill. Red and yellow are all in the Crocosmia (Lucifer), the little jester’s hat-like Spigelia marilandica, and the Hemerocallis lily, then there is purple and orange and blue.

Lucifer c
Crocosmia (Lucifer)
Jester plant c
Spigelia marilandica
Lily c
Hemerocallis Lily (Crimson pirate)
Flower pot
Chrysanthemum coronarium, purple Salvia (clary), orange marigold and nasturtiums
Yellow Verbascum
Handel rose July 2017
Pink Climbing Rose, (Handel)
Blue Polemonium
Phacelia & bottle
Purple Phacelia tanacetifolia
Borage 2018
Blue Borage with purple orach in the background
Orange nasturtium, Purple Petunia (Hawiian ‘My sweethart’), Pink geranium and surafinas

With all the colours of the rainbow, the garden soon turns into a hive of industry, making the flowers not just a pleasure to see, but knowing they are beneficial in preserving our ecosystem. The added bonus of course is you can also eat many of the flowers.


Feature image photo by Susanne Jutzeler from Pexels

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