Here I Go Again


I was delighted with the ‘Karmazyn’ beans last year but this year I am going to try a dwarf French Bean ‘Borlotto Supreme Nano‘. I am always interested in dwarf varieties of anything although it’s horizontal space I am short of, I don’t mind how tall they grow. I just felt so pleased with the results of beans last year, I’m looking forward to growing them again and will be delighted if I get similar results. I may even find space for the Karmazyn beans again.

I tried ‘Golden beetroot’ before and was disappointed in the results. Any root vegetables I grow usually only grow to about one bite big and if the slugs get them first, I don’t even get that. Golden beetroot is different from the red beetroot we know and love, it’s sweeter and also very nice. Good enough for me to try again.

Beetroot Burpees Golden

I bought some seeds from America and was sent a complimentary packet of ‘Cosmic Purple’ carrots. Apparently purple on the outside and bright orange on the inside. Although available widely on this side of the pond as well, I got mine free.

Carrot, cosmic purple

The nice thing about getting complimentary seeds, they can be something you would never think of growing otherwise. I’m not sure whether it’s the bargain hunter in us that makes us appreciate the free gifts offered by companies. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a psychological sales gimmick, if we get something for free.  for golden beetroot  for Cosmic Purple carrots.

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