Come Clean With Seeds

I decided to clear out my seed box. It’s one way of finding packets of seeds you think you’ve lost, as well as reminding you what seeds you’ve either collected or bought for the current year.

An old, cheap, plastic toolbox which my late father had to keep odds and ends in has come in handy as a seed box. I wanted to tidy the seeds to make them easier to find so I used C5 manilla envelopes which had long since lost the adhesion on the flap. Sticking the flap down with Sellotape and cutting the envelope in half, gave me tidy pockets for the seed packets. The storage has improved over the years and instead of titles scrawled on it, I now use the plant labeller to produce titles. The envelopes wear and split with constant use, so this year I made more, using patterned duct tape to strengthen the top and improve the looks.

Beans and peas are bulky so they are packed in the side, along with spare tape for the labeller and any handy sowing or plant information. Getting a gift of chocolates doesn’t always go to waste either. A handy box with a drawer, provides some indoor storage for plant labels, twine and little glasson envelopes for collecting seeds.

There is no need for expensive, specially designed garden equipment, if you can use your imagination. Everything in this case was already available in the house.

7 thoughts on “Come Clean With Seeds

  1. Great organization. I had some seeds from 2011 in my boxes when I sorted this year. I treated myself to about two dozen new packets of seeds found at The Christmas Shop of all places at 50% off prices that were already low. I bought almost everything that was labeled heirloom just to have on hand. You can never have too many seeds. Happy Gardening to You!


  2. It’s always good to get a bargain, you feel you are not wasting money. I didn’t intend buying any new seeds this year, I was going to cut down on what I sow and grow, then I saw something I just had to try – and it starts all over again.


    1. I started clearing out the greenhouse today and discovered a chilli pepper and a strawberry popcorn cob which don’t seem to be damaged by the frost. I didn’t have any seeds left of either of them, so that has been a nice wee bonus.

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