Sea You There

I was brought up by the coast and even now, since moving inland, I can still see it from the top of the hill on the way out of our town, so I do have the best of both worlds. I don’t think I appreciated the coast until I moved further away from it. The … More Sea You There

Heavenly Scents

I can’t believe that our long, very cold winter and spring, have played a part of the substantial amount of flowers appearing on shrubs and trees. Even in the car, the smell from the number of blossoms along the roadside, can be appreciated. The elder is a useful tree to have, the delightful umbrella of … More Heavenly Scents

Free For All

I am fortunate enough to have bought my greenhouse many years ago, when I moved to my current abode. I’ve also received a lot of gardening gifts over the years, so although I have a reasonable amount of gardening sundries, I started thinking just how much I could do if I didn’t have any or couldn’t … More Free For All

My Secret Seeds

They are only secret seeds because I bought them and forgot about them, so it is a pleasant surprise when I discover them again. Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Green Goddess’, an arum lily with a white flower with green tips. Poisonous but so many common plants are at some point in their lives and we don’t think about them … More My Secret Seeds

Changing Seasons

I have come to the conclusion, I sow too many seeds. I just like experimenting with and tasting the produce but I think I need to be a bit more practical. I have already grown over a hundred varieties of plants in my small area. I think that is enough to prove just what can … More Changing Seasons

Wild About Garlic

I have always liked garlic, but never really gave a thought to how many varieties there were, until I discovered ‘The Garlic Farm’. I planted up three varieties of spring garlic just a few weeks ago, Picardy Wight, Solent Wight and Mersley Wight. Most of it is growing fine but it will be some time … More Wild About Garlic