Heavenly Scents

I can’t believe that our long, very cold winter and spring, have played a part of the substantial amount of flowers appearing on shrubs and trees. Even in the car, the smell from the number of blossoms along the roadside, can be appreciated. The elder is a useful tree to have, the delightful umbrella of tiny, white flowers, is attractive to our little pollinators, is also the main ingredient for elderberry champagne and of course later in the season, the rich, black berries make an excellent wine. Regrettably I don’t have room in my garden for one, but it doesn’t mean to say I can’t forage.

I’ve had to replace the Indian Mint, I didn’t think anything would kill that off but I still see no sign of life, so have bought a new plant. Between the mint and the variety of basils in the greenhouse, it’s a delightful place to sit to have a cup of coffee. The Indian Mint is such a versatile plant. Perfect in baskets where it’s long stems can flow. The tiny flower is quite insignificant and the leaves make an excellent cup of delicately flavoured mint tea, but above all, it’s perfume can only be described as awesome.

It won’t take long for the new mint to produce the same growth as the mint it is replacing.

I also love the smell of tomatoes in the greenhouse, even better when they are ready for eating.

2 thoughts on “Heavenly Scents

  1. Gardeners Delight is usually the first of mine to produce fruit and the little tomatoes are now about 1 cm in diameter. Unfortunately it’s not warm enough here to try growing any of them outside.


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