The Rewilding Experiment

We have been given this planet and yet we abuse it because we think we know best. The grass isn’t green enough, it’s too long, it’s not short enough etc. so we redesign the land of which we have been made guardians. We spray dangerous chemicals and artificial fertilisers and destroy land for the sake of greed, cut down trees which have been the habitat of animals and tribes, all in the name of progress.

Thankfully, nature knows best and if we give it a chance, the eco-system will work fine for everyone’s benefit. A recent article which tells the story of a farmer in south-east England, who gave up in trying to make his farm work and decided to turn it over to nature. The inspiration came from a rewilding experiment in Holland, so the project to rewild their farm began. 


Nature took care of problem areas, there was no need for pesticides or any added chemicals. It’s well worth reading their story and perhaps it may inspire others to take a plunge to hand mother nature back what is really her’s already. It’s part of a newspaper article but it gives an idea of what happened when one farmer went wild.

In our desire to have everything uniform and perfect, we are blind to what is already perfect. I very rarely use pesticides but in a small area, there are times I do have to resort to a bit of animal husbandry of the insect kind. It maybe that my neighbour throwing so much inappropriate food out for the birds, mean they ignore the nutritious snails and slugs. A bit like humans with their preference for unhealthy takeaway food. There’s an abundance of aphids just waiting for ants to milk or ladybirds to enjoy dining on. A small break in the life cycles means I bring out the washing-up liquid and have a bit of a spring clean and aphids do not like bath night.

It could also be my own fault for growing plants not really suited to a cold, wet climate and this is more like having a delivery service of tasty, tender nibbles instead of the tough old buttercups that none of them seem to like eating and are happy to leave to the bees.


All photographs are taken from the newspaper article

2 thoughts on “The Rewilding Experiment

  1. The typical attitude of the grass always being greener on the other side. Over here there are a lot of areas being seeded with wild flowers and the result is stunning. However, we are still getting residents who don’t like the ‘weeds’ and prefer manicured lawns and mass produced plants – all of which they spend a fortune on whilst the wild flowers would eventually be free of charge after the initial outlay of a packet of seeds.


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