Watch Your Butt

I decided to do a little bit of reconstructing my planting zone, it just wasn’t working for me last year, as it did in previous years. There was a fairly good reason for it. Between personal problems and a cold, wet summer, which I believe may have been an overspill of the previous winter, there never seemed to be a right time to do anything in the garden.

Under construction
Work in progress

I had a collapsible water butt which was really only for the convenience of giving me easier access to water for the tomato plants, as it had to be filled with tap-water from a hose. At the end of the season, it was normally emptied and stored in the greenhouse.

The greenhouse I have is a specific make, and therefore required a specific fitting for a downpipe. I was happy enough with the collapsible butt being filled with tap water, however, I decided rainwater would be like giving the plants champagne instead cheap plonk. I bought the required downpipe and a new water butt with it’s own stand. It rained, and rained a lot and not wanting to waste any of it, I brought out the collapsible water butt again. That got filled, so did the 15-litre water dispenser bottle.

The rain didn’t stop there, the garden became sodden and when winter came, I couldn’t empty the water butts. The garden didn’t need any more water, it was even leaching into the greenhouse, so they were kept until some day one of them would be empty enough to make them movable. I’m still waiting, even although I’ve been watering the plants in the greenhouse, and filling the hydroponic tank.

Thankfully, there’s a lot of happy frogs in the pond, they don’t mind the rain in the least.


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