Sea You There

I was brought up by the coast and even now, since moving inland, I can still see it from the top of the hill on the way out of our town, so I do have the best of both worlds. I don’t think I appreciated the coast until I moved further away from it. The … More Sea You There

Waxing Lyrical

When I bought my greenhouse several years ago, it was my chance to get as many extras as I thought I needed, within my budget. Only having a very small garden, I was limited to size, but still wanted a comfortable retreat in which to potter. The greenhouse has extra height with high eaves and … More Waxing Lyrical

The Naked Truth

I started assembling a tub for peas and strawberries for my neighbour’s grandchildren. I planted one up last year, and to keep birds and cats out, I used a wigwam trellis for the peas to grow up and covered it with a crinoline skirt of butterfly mesh attached to a hula hoop, which fitted over the … More The Naked Truth

Free For All

I am fortunate enough to have bought my greenhouse many years ago, when I moved to my current abode. I’ve also received a lot of gardening gifts over the years, so although I have a reasonable amount of gardening sundries, I started thinking just how much I could do if I didn’t have any or couldn’t … More Free For All

Changing Seasons

I have come to the conclusion, I sow too many seeds. I just like experimenting with and tasting the produce but I think I need to be a bit more practical. I have already grown over a hundred varieties of plants in my small area. I think that is enough to prove just what can … More Changing Seasons

Watch Your Butt

I decided to do a little bit of reconstructing my planting zone, it just wasn’t working for me last year, as it did in previous years. There was a fairly good reason for it. Between personal problems and a cold, wet summer, which I believe may have been an overspill of the previous winter, there … More Watch Your Butt