Welcome Back Tom

Last year I suffered so much from an allergy to tomato plants, I though I would have to say farewell to them. I believe I may only be allergic to the plant itself so I can continue to grow them – with caution.

I can never resist a bargain and in spite of being determined not to buy any more varieties of tomatoes, I did succumb to a few. They are not all new varieties to me but by February when it’s time to sow the tomato seeds, that’s when there will be a reckoning of which ones I will grow next year and what will be put aside for the following year.

I did think I was growing Tigerella some years ago but it turned out to be Gardener’s Delight, I’d been given the plants by a friend and he’d lost the labels. His memory wasn’t nearly as good as the tomatoes he gave me – I’ve been growing Gardener’s Delight ever since.

I have grown Black Cherry before, it is a regular and at least I will know what they are going to be like when I sow them. Some of the seeds have been getting mixed up and I never know what I’m getting until the fruit appears.

Tomato, Ace is a new variety to me, an heirloom, almost beefsteak so bigger than I like growing. Marglobe and Marmande were fairly large and they were fine. I don’t have a lot of space and I find the smaller varieties easier to deal with.

Craigella, another heirloom variety, similar to Ailsa Craig. I’m a bit unsure of this one but the suppliers say it can grow outdoors. Normally that applies to the rest of the UK and not the corner where I am. On average, there is a 10°C. difference between the north and south of the UK and we don’t often share the same weather. The south of the UK gets the sun and the north gets the rain. Tomatoes are not easy to grow outdoors, but this might be the variety to try. I did try Sub Arctic Plenty, which I was assured could be grown outdoors. Not by me it would seem.

Sungold is another tomato I have tried in the past. I have been growing Garden Peach, it’s quite yellow and very nice but perhaps I will replace it with Sungold this year.

Out tomato, pomodorof the blue, I received a packet of tomato seeds with an internet purchase, this seems to be catching on. The tomato seeds I received are Pomodoro Marbella. I don’t remember what it came with but one of my regular suppliers has it and I will borrow their photo of it.

It is said to be similar to Marmande and that was a very nice tomato.

Again I have the seed suppliers to thank for the photos.

Seedparade have regular flash sales. They sell small quantities very cheaply and I am a bit weak-willed when it comes to seed or plant sales and they are usually the ones responsible for my over indulgence. 

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back Tom

  1. The selections of tomatoes offered is overwhelming and seems to grow by dozens each year, making the decision of which to grow so difficult. The tried and true, or something new? I’ve actually reduced the number for the potager to the proven performers there plus one new early variety…in a search for that good “first” tomato for the season.


  2. I find it difficult to choose, I like to grow at least one new variety as well as the favourites so there is usually a bit of studying of the reviews first. Some, I have been so sorry that they have been poor performers, the taste has been great but not enough fruit to justify them taking up the space. Gardeners Delight is usually my first fruiter and has a longish growing season.


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