Magnificent Magnolia

It is so nice to see the spring flowers popping up everywhere and although I don’t plant many flowers for spring, there are times I can’t resist.

Tulips 3 Apr 2019

Having covered the small patch of lawn at the front of the building with bark, it’s now an ideal place to display pots of shrubs and plants. It’s south-facing and gets more sun so I can put the plants there which are grown more for their aesthetic values, and for the benefit of bees which live in the wall of the building, so they might as well have their own garden and snack shop.

The small lawn was such a nuisance to keep tidy and I feel I have better use of the space since saying it was a lawn was being kind. It was mostly moss and daisies.


I can move pots around at will and change them according to the seasons. The Camellia replaced one of the Rhododendrons which had seen better days and although they are lovely when in flower, they don’t last long, whilst the Camellia has been continually flowering for some weeks. 

In a cooler, wetter climate, spring comes a little bit later in the west of Scotland than many other parts of the country so my harbinger of spring is the magnificent Magnolia.

Magnolia Apr 2019

Its elegant flowers are not only beautiful but they produce a wonderful perfume and this year has been the strongest I’ve noticed it. A sure enticement to pollinating insects and the start of the floral wanton messages of ‘come and get me’.

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